historical event

In 1978, the predecessor of Hualing Electrical Appliance, Hejian Guangming Electrical Appliance Factory, was established.


In 1985, the sales area of high and low voltage switchgear and electric shock protector manufactured by the company was extended to four areas in Hebei Province and exported to other provinces.


In 1988, Bai Yucheng, the factory director, won two provincial awards for scientific and technological achievements.


In 1990, 1 million yuan was invested in large-scale equipment technological transformation.


In 1995, the company set a sales record with output value of 5 million yuan.


In 2002, 6 million yuan was invested in the research, development and production of composite insulators and arresters. Purchase of production test equipment.


In January 2003, the company's products of composite insulators, arresters and fuses passed the National Insulator Arresters Quality Supervision and Inspection Center inspection qualified and received high praise.


In August 2003, the company was renamed Cangzhou Hualing Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.


In October 2003, after two years of development, a 500 KV composite insulator forming machine and die were developed successfully. And declare patents.


In December 2003, an investment of 3.5 million yuan was made to set up a machining workshop and introduce processing talents. Nissan insulator fittings can reach more than 1000 sets (take 100KN suspension insulator fittings as an example). A set of dies per day (take 35KV suspension insulator dies as an example)


In 2004, composite insulators were successfully exported to Kenya. A silicone rubber mixing workshop was set up with an investment of 3 million yuan, with a daily output of 2 tons.


In March 2005, the company moved to the new factory area and invested 15 million yuan to build 10,000 square meters of new plant.

20056月,历经两年第二代 500KV复合绝缘子注射成型机投入使用。

In June 2005, the second generation 500KV composite insulator injection moulding machine was put into use after two years.


In July 2005, composite insulators were successfully exported to Brazil.


In February 2006, IS09001:2000 quality management system was adopted and implemented.


In March 2007, we obtained a trademark registration certificate, registered trademark is a netizen brand.


In April 2007, the company participated in the Canton Fair and successfully cooperated with customers from India, Russia, Syria and Iran.


In October 2007, Chilean customers came to our company for factory inspection and signed long-term orders for composite insulators. More than 20,000 orders were placed in the first batch.


In November 2007, composite insulators were successfully exported to Sudan and pillar composite insulators to Czech Republic.

20082月。 公司电气化铁路接触网用复合绝缘子通过“铁道部产品质量监督检验中心接触网零部件检验站”检验合格。

February 2008. The composite insulators used in the company's electrified railway catenary passed the "Railway Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Catenary Parts Inspection Station" inspection.

20085月。 英国客商来我公司验厂并签订复合绝缘子长期定单。

May 2008. British businessmen came to our company for factory inspection and signed long-term orders for composite insulators.


May 29, 2008. The company has obtained two national patent certificates for utility models

200810月。 公司参展第五届东盟博览会,并与蒙古客户签订复合绝缘子订单。

October 2008. The company participated in the 5th ASEAN Expo and signed orders for composite insulators with Mongolian customers.


In March 2009, more than 30,000 composite insulators for catenary of Beijing-Kowloon electrified railway were processed.


In April 2009, the company successfully contacted Vietnamese customers and opened a channel for the company to enter the Vietnamese market.


In May 2009, the composite insulator for the catenary of electrified railway developed by the company won the Hebei Science and Technology Achievement Award.

20096月,公司在北京召开电气化铁路复合绝缘子专家鉴定会, 取得圆满成功。

In June 2009, the company held an expert appraisal meeting on composite insulators for electrified railways in Beijing, which was a success.


In August 2009, the company cooperated with Beijing Military Engineering Research Unit to develop 500KV composite insulator for intelligent power grid, which has been put into operation.


On August 8, 2010, the company's six drawing rod production lines started successfully at the same time.


On August 26, 2010, the company received 900,000 yuan from the National Technology Innovation Fund.

20101027日,公司制造生产的复合长棒形绝缘子注射成型机获得国家发明专利证书。专利号:ZL 2008 1 0111375.X

On October 27, 2010, the compound long rod insulator injection moulding machine manufactured by the company obtained the national invention patent certificate. Patent No: ZL 2008 1 0111375.X


March 20, 2011, the company plans to build forging workshop, adding 2 sets of 600 T forging line, and introducing the most advanced ball head roll forging technology in China (up to the present domestic only 3);


June 9, 2011, Jordan 230KV Insulator Order


On December 1, 2011, the forging workshop of the company developed and completed all types of standard metal fittings for rod-column composite insulators for electrified railways.


On May 1, 2012, the company obtained a large Indian order with a construction period of about 5 months.


On August 18, 2012, CRCC certification of China Railway Product Certification Center was officially launched.


On January 23, 2013, the company formally passed CRCC certification of China Railway Product Certification Center and obtained certificates.


In December 2013, the company won the bid for Beijing-Guangzhou and Shitai Railway Lines, with nearly 100,000 composite insulators.


In April 2014, the company participated in the United States Transmission and Distribution Fair and met a number of new international customers.


In June 2014, the company obtained a batch order for composite insulators in Switzerland.


December 2014, bidding for electrified railway bidding project of Dalian hub.