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How much do you know about lightning protection insulators?

   The lightning protection insulator string clamp is suitable for overhead insulated conductors of overhead distribution lines or bare conductor tension on the fixed rod or in the corner rod insulator, so that the overhead line is tightened, the overhead insulated wire or bare wire in the tension rod or the corner rod hardware Therefore, the overhead wire insulation resistance string is provided; the lightning protection and arc protection device is provided as lightning protection.


Due to changes in the global climate, there are often thunderstorms and frequent lightning weather. It is said that the fault of the distribution network has accounted for 36.8% of the entire line fault and the lightning strike rate of the insulated distribution line accounted for 96.8%, which greatly affected the normal The power line network is also very serious for the loss of the national economy. At present, the lightning protection problem of distribution lines has caused widespread concern.

     The strain gage lightning protection insulator string has the function of preventing the lightning strike and the insulator from being damaged, checking the electrical grounding function, not peeling off the conductive function of the guide pin, preventing the wire sliding cone from being clamped by the three jaws, and suspending the tensile strain of the tensile insulator string.

     The new structure is reasonable, simplified string tension and lightning protection device, reducing the point of failure, combined with multi-function, convenient construction, high efficiency, beautiful appearance, long service life, clamp type is interchangeable, easy to purchase All ways of distributing insulation function can be realized, which is to comprehensively improve the upgrade of power line equipment products.