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Application of PRTV Coatings to High Voltage Insulators

   Special chemical composition and structure with the application of modern polymer technology, designed for 20 years of service life; excellent water repellency and fast, balanced, long-lasting hydrophobic migration, fzsw-24 / 5 high voltage insulators and highly resistant to thunder Voltage; excellent electrical insulation, fzsw-24 / 5 high voltage insulator, tma4.5, flame retardant, FV-0, anti-arc, under abnormal conditions, can protect electrical equipment from damage.


High modulus, high strength, strong adhesion, acid, alkali, salt and strong oxidant corrosion, good oil resistance; fzsw-24 / 5 high voltage insulators are resistant to UV rays, ozone, environmental corrosion, no peeling, no cracks, and In the normal state during maintenance, there is no cleaning; it is formed in situ, easy to use, can meet the technical measures of on-site anti-pollution, the requirements of power transmission and transformation equipment; fzsw-24 / 5 high-voltage insulators.


    The anti-pollution composite coating is self-cleaning, and the anti-icing and anti-fouling composite coating of the transmission device is good. Fzsw-24 / 5 high-voltage insulator on the surface of the casing and composite insulator of moisture. Ceramics and glass are hydrophilic materials, and the dirt itself absorbs moisture.


    PRTV coatings have good hydrophobic properties, clean surface waterfalls, high voltage insulators: 24/5 can promote the migration of hydrophobic molecules to the surface of the stain through the volatilization of small molecules and macromolecular chain movements in the material, making the dirty layer hydrophobic performance. Intermediary company: 24/5 high-voltage insulator silicone material automatically recovers the hydrophobicity of the surface after a certain period of time, the intermediary company: 24/5 high-voltage insulator is dirty, can make the surface layer hydrophobic, reflecting good anti-smudge flash and wet flash performance .


    Under harsh environmental conditions, high voltage insulators 24/5 include dry intermediaries: arcing and surface contamination for a long period of time, or special surface treatments, plasma and Corona beer, chemical oxidation, ultraviolet light, X-rays and gamma Radiation therapy, etc.), the hydrophobicity of the original surface of silicone materials, known due to its loss of hydrophobicity. After the surface treatment of the high-voltage insulator, the intermediary company: 24/5 but in the case of no discharge or placed for a period of time, the hydrophobicity on the surface of the silicone rubber, high-voltage insulator 24/5 as an intermediary: the hydrophobic surface of the hydrophilic Sex is called a hydrophobic surface.


    The key to antifouling performance is the migration of PRTV coatings. Intermediary company: 24/5 high voltage insulator PRTV coating has another formula, using the focal length of the manufacturing process, with the coating itself: 24/5 high voltage insulator quality, the quality of the coating is also related, the same amount of working environment The level of insulation on the basis of the equipment and the insulation of the coating.